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Assistance for Victims of Disasters

Assistance for Victims of Disasters

Natural and man-made disasters result in tragic loss of life and cause extensive damage every year around the Globe.There are a wide variety of natural disasters—tornadoes,floods, hailstorms, hurricanes, volcano, heat wave, fires, tropical storms, ice storms, and earthquakes. Natural disasters have left people, animals, islands, and countries devastated by the forces of nature. Earthquakes in Mexico and Haiti, hurricanes throughout Southeast America and the Caribbean have left thousands of people without access to clean water, adequate food supplies, medical aid and more. Dozens have been killed and many more are missing. The International Charity Foundation ( Charity Army) with your donations helping the people during this difficult time.

Here some ways how we helping the victims of disasters.

Children at Risk

Hurricanes and earthquakes leave a trail of devastation with millions children at risk. ICF Charity Army provide food, medicine, school supplies to children and families affected by disasters, including Child Safety Kits to be used in shelters after the destructive events to give kids a safe place to play, study and relax from the stress of the situation.

Help Provide Safe Water & Sanitation

ICF Charity Army is helping people with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in order to prevent the spread of diseases like cholera. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced and many do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation. You donation will be used to support relief and recovery efforts for affected areas.

Provide Life-Saving Efforts for Animals in Disasters

Thousands of animals, specifically dogs, have been abandoned, injured and left hungry due to the hurricanes and earthquakes. ICF Charity Army helping thousands of animals find loving homes. Your donation will go to the Local Shelter Fund and used to support life-saving efforts for animals in disaster and cruelty situations.

Donate to Global Giving

ICF Charity Army provide immediate relief to survivors: food, shelter, water, and medicine. Shelter, food and comfort are all basics that the people in these areas need. You donation is the cornerstone in lifesaver for desperate people.



$60 can provide clean water for 60 people in an emergency situation.
$150 can provide traps to protect 10 family shelters frm the weather.
$200 can provide essential medicine to 30 people.
$1,000 can provide mats to keep 500 victims of disaster from sleeping on the ground.

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