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The International Charity Foundation Inc (The Charity Army) – ICF (established April 1998) in order to provide sufficient volume of humanitarian aid to low income and poetry impoverished group of population in the New independent States.

Unite the Charity Organisations of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan,African, Asian Latin America countries. Collect in the USA as free donations a large part of our Consumer Market Surplus: food, clothing, medicines, medical equipment, financial aid and send it to above listed countries. The humanitarian aid received by the New Independent States will be distributed by their Charity Organizations under Government control.

Our medical equipment, supplies, medicines, food, clothing, computers, electronic devices, financial help we get from American and Worldwide Donors: Charity Organizations, Churches, Government Agencies, commercial companies, philanthropic organizations, private citizens.

Since 1998 the company is headed by Victor Muravin, the Founder of ICF- Charity Army. He is a member of:

– The Republican Party of USA

– The United Nation Association of USA

– The American Authors League

– The Academy of Political Science (at Columbia University)

– The New York Chambers of Commerce (Committees on Government Relations and on Legislation)

Over the years, V. Muravin has been supporting The Republican Party of USA.

Three presidents of United States – George W. Bush, Barak Obama, Donald Trump sent him their photos and Letters of Appreciation for financial support.

In these years, financial assistance was provided to non-profit religious organizations – Churches, Monasteries, Seminaries, Women’s League of America. Those organizations sent a Letters of Appreciation for support and friendship.

Throughout these years, extensive financial assistance has been provided to the children of Ukraine, affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Hundreds of children receive help from us, many were sent to be treated in Europe. Letters of Thanks were sent from Minister of Social Protection, Kiev, Ukraine.

Letter from the President
George Bush

Letter from the President
Barack Obama

Letter from the President
Donald Trump

Letter of Thanks from Tbilisi Home for the Elderly

Letter of Thanks from Minister of Social Protection,Kiev, Ukraine

Letter of Thanks from Holy
Trinity Orthodox Seminary

Letter of Thanks from
Russian-American Women’s League

Letter of Thanks from
Minister of Social Protection,Kiev, Ukraine

Translated Letter of Thanks
from Minister of Social Protection, Ukraine

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