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Helping Ukraine

Helping Ukraine

Years of conflict in Ukraine has forced families from their homes and left them struggling to survive. Those fleeing for their lives need urgent shelter, protection and safety. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has triggered a massive humanitarian crisis.

More than 1.4 million have been forced to leave their homes and 5 million are in need of help meeting their most basic needs: food, water, shelter. The majority of displaced families have lost their incomes.

Charity Army targeted assistance to disabled family members of the deceased or missing person as a result of the tragic events on the Maidan and military operations in eastern Ukraine. These people are most vulnerable: minor children, the elderly,the disabled, young mothers with children under three years.

How do we do it?

Our activities focus on fundraising events and raising awareness of the crisis in Ukraine by engaging individuals, organizations, private and government institution and media in United States. Charity Army receiving and distributing donations, food, medical supply, medicine to the Ukrainian refugees, people of Ukraine affecting by conflict in Ukraine.

Charity Army help families of people who were killed and missing on the Maidan on both conflicting parties. The principle of Charity Army: it’s our people of the Earth, and it is our common human pain – one for all. Charity Army it’s a bridge between people who want to help and those who need help, and we know that this bridge is able to unite us together.

The special program of Charity Army in Ukraine- many years we providing financial aid for kids of Chernobyl Disaster.

How you can help Make a gift to support Charity Army’s work in Ukraine and many of the world’s toughest places. You’ll help families survive conflict and disaster and give them the support they need to improve their lives.


$60 can provide clean water for 60 people in an emergency situation.
$150 can provide traps to protect 10 family shelters frm the weather.
$200 can provide essential medicine to 30 people.
$1,000 can provide mats to keep 500 victims of disaster from sleeping on the ground.

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